Virtue Ice Tea: Strawberry and Peach

Time for something a little bit different. Ice tea is something I’ll confess I’ve never had all that much love for. I just haven’t had one I’ve liked in the past. So when I saw Virtue Ice Tea on offer at The City Girls event in Leeds I was a little dubious. Having never tried a flavoured ice tea I picked up the Strawberry and Peach flavour. There was also the option of Lemon flavour, which I imagine would be fairly similar in taste to traditional lemonade.

Launched in 2014, Virtue ice Teas offer a healthy alternative to ice teas already on the market – by removing the sugar. Any sugar found in the drink occurs naturally from the fruits, and because of this there are only 63 calories per can of this yummy treat.

A clear tea flavour is evident underneath, but you really get the strawberry sweetness to begin with, followed up with a tangier peach flavour. There’s a slight dry quality about the drink as well which I really enjoyed. Definitely best served cold, or even over ice!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or just have a sweet tooth when it comes to drink – definitely give Virtue Ice Tea a try. Thanks for providing these samples for The City Girls event Virtue!

You can pick up Virtue Ice Tea in Strawberry & Peach or Lemon from various stockists, including WH Smiths and Amazon.
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