Twig + Dot Candles

Firstly – how cute is this little votive jar? I was lucky enough to receive this votive candle in my goodie bag from The City Girls event in Leeds last month – and I’ve discovered an amazing brand which I’m sure you’ll see more of. I got the scent Bahama Bay which is a blend of coconut and zesty lime. Sadly this scent doesn’t appear to be on the Twig + Dot website any longer, so I guess I’m just going to have to try another scent, what a chore! I’d love to try Gypsy Royale which is a blend of fig, orchid and caramel sugar – interesting!

I’m a big big fan of this scent, which honestly was a surprise. I’ve never been a great lover of coconut whether that be taste or scent. However this candle gets the balance of sweet, fresh and zingy really right. The main note is the sweet coconut, but as the scent settles you smell the zesty lime notes.

The design of these candles is brilliant. I love that the votive size still comes in a glass jar. It really adds a sense of value to the product and it looks super classy compared to loose votives from companies like Yankee that melt down into a messy blob within a holder. The full sized jars carry the same design with a sleek silver lid that would look great in any home.

Twig + Dot have provided burning instructions on their website which I think is really important. To get the most out of your candles you really need to follow the manufacturers advice and several general candle routine rules.

These hand poured candles get even better when you find out the price tag. The votive sampler sizes are £3 apiece, which admittedly is more than other votives – but as I have said at a much higher quality so I would happily pay £3. The full sized candles are £16 which I think is great value given a burn time of 30-40 hours.

All in all I just really recommend this company, and I’ll definitely be ordering from them soon!
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