Things for Rainy Days

Rainy Paris

I love the rain. I love the smell after it rains. The sound of heavy rain on the roof at night is really satisfying. I think the rain can create some amazing scenes in the sky. I mean, look at the sky in that picture! (This was the only photo I had of a rainy day, but hey, go see all about my trip to Paris!)

But being out IN the rain? I absolutely HATE it!

If you live in England you’ll know that the emergence of spring also means that rainy days are on the horizon. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, England has been having a fair few rainy days lately thanks to Doris and Ewan!

Despite growing up in Manchester (and therefore developing gills to cope with the weather), there’s nothing more annoying than making plans as the outside temperature slowly rises, only to wake up and find it is absolutely bucketing it down. Of course, if you have to go to work then you just have to man up and get on with it. But if you don’t have to leave the house, or it’s the weekend, then there are still loads of ways you can enjoy a rainy day!


Or a magazine. Or your laptop ready to browse your favourite blogs. There’s nothing cosier than curling up to read with fluffy socks on and a brew by your side.


Watching tv is a great option when it’s wet outside. Plus who can deny that their favourite film doesn’t seem a million times better when you’re in your pjs and can hear the rain falling outside? It’s days like this that I turn back to my trusty Harry Potter films!


For some odd reason, my favourite time to tidy is when it’s raining really heavily outside. It makes me feel so much more motivated – plus it means I can be productive in front of Netflix!


I don’t get nearly enough time to bake these days, but it feels so lovely and homely to prepare a cake or a meal when it’s wet outside. It feels so much more cosy!


I’m always after another excuse to pamper myself, but my favourite is if I get caught in the rain on the way home from work. I’ll come in, run myself a nice, hot bath and treat myself to a face mask. Then it’s clean pjs and straight into bed!

 What are your favourite things to do on a rainy day?

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