#TheCityGirls Leeds Event

One semi sunny Saturday afternoon saw a band of bloggers descend on The Liquorist in Leeds for The City Girls – brain child of Lorna (Life by LDE) and Holly-Lucy (Tea and Blush). This was their second event, and after reading about their launch in Sheffield earlier in the year I knew we were in for a huge treat.

A stressful train journey left me running late, but luckily I arrived in plenty of time to catch everything – and crucially get a cocktail to sup. If you live in Leeds then The Liquorist is worth a visit for the cocktails alone, but a glance over their food menu left my mouth watering as well! I went for a gin, apple, cucumber and mint concoction which really hit the spot after a rush!

Lorna and Holly-Lucy had really pulled out all the stops. We first gathered for a hello, during which Lorna and Holly-Lucy explained that they did not have the brands there to ‘lecture’ us, but for us to go and chat with whoever we would like to. As they said this format is much more enjoyable as a blogger – I usually have loads of questions so a chat makes it much easier to find out what I want to know!

Together with Claire (xclaireabella) I circled the room slowly chatting to representatives from The Body Shop, Benefit, Manuka Dr and Kendelle, all the while becoming laden down with the amazing number of products from numerous other tables. There was so much we kept taking little trips back to our handbags to create little mounds of things to take home!

The products provided for us were all beautifully displayed around the room, looking gorgeous with the decor of the room. There were products from VOSS Water, Derma V10, Twig and Dot, Angelica, Virtue, Oates & Co, Together Health and many more in the goodie bag – but you can see all these in my goodie bag post!

The extremely talented Nails by Ivy were also on hand to provide manicures. I personally had already had my nails done so did not partake, but the designs everyone got were gorgeous and expertedly applied!

We obviously had to chow down on the cupcakes. They were so tasty, like candy floss! They were very well placed next to where the queue for the Benefit stand was – well played ladies, well played. Benefit were on hand to show us the new coloured ranges of They’re Real mascara and eyeliner. I had blue mascara applied, which I never would have done off my own back but I absolutely loved!

One crucially important part of the day was the charity element. Lorna and Holly-Lucy said that they want to have local charities involved in their events, and the well deserving charity was Leeds Womens Aid. We had a little speech from their representative Suzie, which brought a tear to many an eye in the room I think. She spoke with real passion and told us some shocking statistics of domestic abuse and violence. I also stood and spoke to her for a little while with Jess (glitterbat) and it was lovely to be able to discuss feminism with likeminded people!

There was a huge raffle to raise money for Leeds Womens Aid, and I’m so proud of how much we raised. Between everyone there we raised £240, and it turns out that Aviva would be matching whatever we raised. All in all £480 for a well deserved charity – we did well! I didn’t win any prizes – Jess won most of them in fact! But having bought way more raffle tickets than anyone else that makes sense. And after all the charity is the main thing here!

I sadly didn’t get a picture of the AMAZING brownies that arrived from Brown & Blond, but I did get to stuff one in my face just before leaving. Literally sex in chocolate form!

Thank you so so much for organising such a wonderful event Lorna and Holly-Lucy. You did amazing, and you really should do this for a living! It’s going to be a hard one to match in the future!

I was looking forward to this event for so long, and rightly so. All the hype and excitement was really lived up to on the day! Keep your eye out to see what was in those jam packed goodie bags, as well as what I wore :) I only wish my photographs had come out slightly better!
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  • I look so pleased with myself! Ha. The coloured liner/mascara was amazing though. Fab post my lovely – Was great meeting you!!

  • Fantastic write up – and yes, it was great being able to chat feminism! Not something I tend to expect from a blogger event if I'm perfectly honest. It was great meeting you, hopefully our paths will cross again soon! :) x
    Jess | glitterbat . net

  • Hey Katie! Love this post – your photo of the cupcakes has made me want to eat one again! I ate SO MANY on Saturday haha! Yes we definitely thought it through having them next to the queue for Benefit! Hope you're enjoying your goodie bag! Was lovely to meet you :) xx

  • It was lovely to meet you too darling, thank you so much again! It truly was a brilliant event :) and I could definitely do with another cupcake or ten :P xx

  • Thank you! I do hope our paths cross again to chat feminism some more! Hope you're enjoying all your raffle prices :P :) xx

  • You look so chuffed and cute! I just had to include the picture :) xx

  • So sorry i missed you. It was so hard to get to chat to everybody but so glad you had a good time. It was fab wasn't it! Anywho, lovely post & i've added you on Bloglovin to my "The City Girls Folder :) & hope to meet you at a future event xxx
    Donna –

  • Aw thanks for your comment Donna! I was sad I couldn't get round to everyone at the event but it was just so busy so sorry we didn't get to meet! I must get round to making one of those folders myself haha! I'm sure our paths will cross soon enough :) xx

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