The Melt Crowd August Box

I can’t believe it’s already over a month since I received The Melt Crowd July Box from Flamingo Candles – doesn’t time fly?

One thing I learnt last month is if you are the kind of person who likes to change up their scents fairly often, then you should cut your melts at least in half, if not smaller so you can change them up more frequently. These scent melts do last for ages so it’s something I’ll be doing from here on out I think. Whilst all the scents are amazing enough to have consistently, I want to give them all lots of love and mix them up.

The scents for August are Strawberries & Champagne, Ginger & Lime, Green Apples, Kir Royale and Pomegranate Cider. This month’s exclusive scents are Dahlia and Fresh Cotton.

One scent is a preview for The Melt Crowd customers – Circus Doughnuts smells ah-may-zing. Literally like when you bake something yummy and the smell goes through your entire house. It’s not fully clear what this preview is for exactly, but I’m excited to see.

I’m a big fan of the bright packaging and I enjoy that the cocktail scent each month has glitter packaging too! Like last month there’s a range of different kinds of scents to suit all preferences and I’m sure I’ll find I like something I never would have expected or purchased myself.

For £10 a month you’re getting a great bargain here! If you sign up you get a wax burner with your first box for no added cost. And after using mine for a month now I can confirm they work pretty well. You can sign up for The Melt Crowd here – and I can’t wait to see what comes through my letter box next month, and what the Circus Doughnuts are a preview of!
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