Sugar Crush-ing on Soap & Glory

If you know me, you know I love me some limes. Whether it’s in my gin or in my body products I’m all over it! Like many gals out there I have been using and loving Soap & Glory products for quite some time now. I was beyond excited when I found out the Sugar Crush scent was being extended into it’s own range. There’s now usually at least one of these products sitting on my shelf at any one time these days!

The notes of the range are sweet lime and vanilla musk so it’s not a very sharp scent as you might expect. The sweetness of the lime and the depth of the vanilla musk make the scent much more wearable as a day to day scent. Each product in the range smells slightly different due to having different ingredients, but they are all clearly part of the same family.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Mist
I could bathe in this stuff. I don’t like not spritzing myself with something in the morning so this is perfect for those low key days when you aren’t going out or are just running errands – I don’t feel ready for the day unless I’ve popped something on! As a fragrance mist the scent doesn’t last a hugely long time on the skin but for what I use this for that doesn’t bother me. Sometimes I spritz the clothes in my wardrobe with this to keep them smelling nice!

Antibacterial hand sanitizers are something I like to keep in my handbag because you never know when you might need to wash your hands. This little guy comes everywhere with me now! It’s really pleasant to use, absorbs really quickly and leaves absolutely no residue but at the same time leaves your hands feeling cleaner. I pair this with a lime scented hand cream and it’s just heaven! I personally don’t like the Soap & Glory hand cream because it doesn’t hydrate my little paws, but luckily this hand cream that I use by the bucket load is available in a limey scent!

If you read my 2016 goals post you’ll know that one of my resolutions this year is to moisturise more. Through various gift sets over Christmas I have quite a few of the little 50ml travel sized pots of the body buttercream dotted around my room. This particular body product is super hydrating so it’s really helped rehydrate my skin quickly – which believe me it really needed it! It absorbs into the skin without leaving that tacky, greasy feeling that some products can leave behind. It’s a bit too heavy for certain body parts for me personally – for example it’s too thick for my back and chest, but it’s perfect for my dry limbs and I’m going to pick up a big tub next time I need more body creams.

This product is fantastic and it really gets rid of any scaly feeling bits! I’m a huge fan of really scrubby scrubs for both my face and my body and this particular product has big exfoliating chunks of macadamia. The scent of this product is on the sweeter side of the Sugar Crush range thanks to the brown sugar in the formula. This is something else I might go out and get a big tub of. I’m about to crack open a big tub of Flake Away so it depends on which of the two scrub formulas I prefer!

Do you like the Sugar Crush range?
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