Struggling To Write

struggling with writing

Well, hasn’t it been just a hot minute since you’ve had any fresh content over on this here blog?

You know when you’re in a really good routine of doing something, like going to the gym, and then you just stop? And the longer you leave it before you get back to it, the harder it gets? I’ve kind of been having that with my writing recently.

To be honest, I’ve been totally stuck.

It hasn’t been for lack of trying. I have sat down and tried to write something on more than several occasions over the last month or so, but I’ve produced a big fat nothing.

At first, I was struggling to write in the wake of all the terrible things happening in the news. Manchester, London, Grenfell, the general election… We all know that list could go on forever with the news over the last few weeks. I’ve sobbed in front of the tv on more than one occasion, struggling to comprehend what’s going on, but unable to stop watching the coverage. I was trying to write to distract myself but every word felt unbelievably trivial. How could I talk about beauty products when some people out there have lost everything they have?

And like a hiatus from anything, the longer I went without writing, the harder it was to write. My inspiration and motivation to produce any content have been at an all-time low. And on top of that, it’s been so easy to get lazy, especially as June has been a generally very busy month for me.

At the same time, I’ve felt so bored despite having loads to do. So bored it’s been on another level. Like when silence is deafening, this boredom has totally penetrated my entire being and it’s been super unpleasant. Yesterday I sat myself down at work and told myself it has to stop. Whilst I’m a champion of taking time out for yourself, I knew I’d have to jump some hurdles to get back into things.

So I did what every blogger does when they want to try and force themselves to stick to something – tweeted it. I tweeted that as I was getting a train to Manchester, I’d crack open my laptop, save some phone data and just write.

I sat for a good half an hour reading the latest edition of Blogosphere Magazine, and then I pulled out my laptop and here we are.

And you know? I’m already feeling so much better.

I think this month has made me realise that I wasn’t 100% happy with the content I’ve been putting out. I think that deep down I knew that some content was just for the sake of having a post out on a scheduled day. A tick in a box so to speak.

Feeling like my writing was unimportant was something that I know many people felt in the wake of all the bad news. Through talking to others I know I wasn’t alone in feeling that, and that made me feel a bit better about the way I was feeling. In the grand scheme of things a product review doesn’t matter in comparison to things in the news, but part of me has realised that it’s all felt a bit trivial to myself as well. My own content hasn’t been inspiring me as much as it used to.

So I’m reassessing my online presence as I want this space on the internet to inspire anyone who visits. I have written some posts in the not so distant past which I’ve just loved writing. And it’s these posts that seem to have really struck a chord with my readership. I want to produce more content like that, and I’m going to.

You can still expect to see a lot of the same. I love reviewing products and restaurants so that isn’t going to change, but you’re also going to see more.

More of me, more of my passions and more of what makes me happy.

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