I Still Love Instagram But…


Lots of people sharing the things that make them less than happy about Instagram at the moment talk about how they’ve fallen out of love with the platform. For me personally, I get infuriated with it, but it’s still the app I spend the most time on. Whilst Twitter is my most used app, I’m much more likely to be found scrolling Instagram because I am an incredibly visual person, which is what made me fall in love with Instagram in the first place – though my images are much better now than the early filter-to-death ones!

So why do I still love Instagram?

I love the visual side of the platform. It constantly inspires me to produce better work myself. It inspires me to look at things in the world around me with a different eye. And it allows me to engage with people who I would otherwise never have contact with.

I love that it’s a platform where I can support my favourite bloggers, and I love seeing them develop and collaborating with brands. It’s fantastic to see influencer marketing in real-time play, so I’m all for a bit of #spon content, you go gal!

I love seeing the pride and effort that some people put into their Instagram feeds. I personally don’t have the patience to keep up a rigid theme, but I highly respect those who do. It’s something that I’ve tried in the past but I hated how restricted it made me feel about my content. Now I just try to make sure that my account looks ‘together’ with a few binding subjects. I recently had my account audited by Little Miss Katy – which I highly recommend doing if you feel a bit lost with your account. She provided me with insights with a fresh eye on how to make my feed look more together, without feeling that my creativity of image sharing is limited.

I’m also a big fan of the Instastories. Yes, it’s a total rip-off of Snapchat and could do with more filters, but it’s an extension of your account. If you have a very rigid theme you can share content that doesn’t fit in with your feed in Instastories. You can use it to vlog, or do whatever you want to really! I personally get way more reach from Instastories than I ever did with Snapchat. It’s helped my engagement levels and my following is already there so I don’t have to maintain yet another channel – simple as!

But Instagram makes me so frustrated too!

I think all the problems stem from the change in the algorithm. The issue of making sure your content actually gets seen has definitely seen a rise in things that annoy people about Instagram, and therefore the general criticism for the platform gets louder by the day.

The general rise of spam bots and people using the follow to unfollow technique drives me, and many others, absolutely loopy. My notifications get full of ‘Great post’ and ‘Top work!’ comments within minutes of posting an image. Not to mention that you can pretty much tell which of your ‘new followers’ will disappear within the next 4-48 hours.

This leads us to people trying to get more genuine comments on their pictures, and the rise in Instagram comment pods. These are obviously a personal preference as to whether you enjoy using them or not. I have been in them in the past, but I’m not anymore because I bloody hate them! But you’ll have to stay tuned for a dedicated post on that!

The lack of proper image crediting really upsets me. This one really upsets me. Chances are if you post a picture and put ‘Credit: @Pinterest‘ in the caption I’m probably going to unfollow you. That’s not your image, and that’s not crediting the creator of the image! I’m constantly seeing people tweet about how people have had their content reposted with no credit. The worst is when you see it’s huge brands that are using content without credit.

Lastly, buying followers is a really touchy subject for many, including myself. So many of us work really damn hard on building our following and engagement levels. It’s just not fair to the rest of us to jump ahead without the work. And I don’t mean that in a self-righteous whiny way, it’s just a simple fact.

Having said this, it’s easy to spot an account with bought followers. You’ve got 14k followers but only 3 pics on your feed? 37k followers and you get 50 likes per photo?

Ok hun.

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