Staying Sun Safe!

With the recent warm weather bringing all us Brits out in a very hot sweat recently, I wanted to get a little bit preachy with you all for a second.  The temperatures were record breaking yesterday, but some of you might remember a few weeks ago we had some pretty glorious weather as well. This weather happened to fall on my day off so I made the most of it. After a couple of drinks in the sun I was picked up by a friend and spend the evening inside out of the sun.

And by the time I got home I looked like this…

Now before you chastise me. This was the state I was in after wearing SPF 50 on all my exposed skin – thank you ginger genes! But I wanted to remind people of the dangers of this weather. I’m someone that always wears SPF in the summer because my skin is sensitive to the sun – some would argue more sensitive than most because of my redheaded nature. I may sometimes go red if I get too warm, but I rarely actually burn. Often once I have cooled down the red retreats to a lovely golden tan. Yet something about the sun that day left me suffering for well over a week – I couldn’t even wear a bra for two days after this my shoulders were so sore!

Please please please look after yourselves in the sun! Use your SPF and don’t forget to reapply. Don’t stay in the sun for stupidly long periods of time – if you want to sunbathe make sure you get in the shade every now and then to cool down. Drink even more water than you would usually to keep hydrated.

Sometimes we can do all we can and still suffer, but that’s all the more reason to protect ourselves as much as possible!
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