Shave the pennies with Friction Free Shaving!

Shave the pennies with Friction Free Shaving
You know what one of my pet peeves is? The price of razors. And by that I mean decent razors. I know you can get packs of cheap, disposable razors for a couple of quid but honestly, those feel like I’m peeling my skin off. No thanks. Enter Friction Free Shaving, or FFS. Very affordable, decent, and good lucking razors – and the best bit is you don’t even need to leave the house!

Any brand that uses puns in their copy is my new bff, but what is FFS? Well, aside from being what you say when you cut yourself with one of those cheapo razors, it’s a subscription service for razors. Simply pick your shaviour (hehe) from the three prices bands and whether you want to receive refills every or every other month and await your parcel.

I picked the most expensive package, the Samantha. But having said it’s the most expensive, it’s only £7 per box including delivery. Literally no complaints here! The added bonus of the Samantha package is the most Instagrammable razor you ever did see. You might be expecting cheap feeling products at the very least but there’s no plastic here. The Samantha handle has a great deal of weight about it, giving a real sense of value for money.

Shave the pennies with Friction Free Shaving

Shave the pennies with Friction Free Shaving
The box comes packaged up nice and tight and easily fits through your letter box. I loved that FFS’s punniness extended to their packaging with their nod to Craig David’s Seven Days (come on, we all love it really!) Your four blades come in little plastic guards in their own weekly slot, and I just think the whole concept being ingrained into the packaging in such a way is a fantastic design choice.

The Verdict?

If you’re like me and like to use decent razors without having to sell your left kidney, I’d really recommend this service. As mentioned I’ve gone for the most expensive package but I have opted for delivery every other month, mainly because I don’t need to shave enough to dull a blade in a week. The Samantha range heads are 5 blades, and they really do achieve an easy, close, hassle free shave.

If you’re after spending even less, subscriptions are available from only £3 per month delivered so head on over to the FFS website to start shaving your pennies! BRB, just gonna Instagram Samantha babes..

What you do you think of this service? 
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