Shadow Switch – The Dry Brush Cleaner You Need

Shadow Switch dry brush cleaner

We’re all looking for things that make our lives a little easier aren’t we? I personally don’t have a huge collection of make up brushes, so cleaning them is a chore I have to do very frequently. As therapeutic as getting them clean can be, it really is a chore.

Enter the Shadow Switch* from Beauty Essentials. A dry brush cleaner that helps clean brushes quickly and easily between washes. 

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers review this little wonder product over the past few months, so I was keen to see if it worked for me. It’s literally a black wiry sponge in a round tin. Could it really be the product to help make my make up and brush washing routine easier?

It couldn’t be easier to use. After applying your product, simply swirl your brush around on the sponge in the tin with a light pressure. The dry brush cleaner will work its magic and wick away any product remaining on your brush.

It’s perfect for spot cleaning between uses. It would never replace the weekly deep clean, but it does mean that you’ll get slightly more out of your brushes between each wash. I don’t personally own a lot of make up brushes so this has been a life saver. It means that I can clean my brushes once a week rather than every other day – much less of a chore!

Don’t forget to keep your dry brush cleaner up to scratch by cleaning it regularly. Simply wash it with warm water and a fragrance free soap and leave to dry!

The Verdict?

Mess and stress free! For just £5.99 it’s a fab little product I think every make up lover should have in their arsenal. I’m very excited to see what other revolutionary products Beauty Essentials have up their sleeves!

Have you tried this dry brush cleaner?



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