Reflections: Turning 24

I looked on my Timehop this week and it told me that that day was three years since my graduation day, and two years since the first time I came to Nottingham to visit Ali (and therefore our first date!) It got me reflecting on how much your life can change in what is ultimately a short period of time. It does feel like a lifetime ago since I accepted my degree in the Great Hall at Leeds University, and in some ways it is. Since then I’ve embarked on a whole new chapter of my life, full of different people to then.

Of course I haven’t cut cords with everyone from pre-three years ago, but people do naturally grow apart. You may remember my post on letting go of friendships – it is natural and okay. I don’t grieve for the friendships of days gone by save a select few. But that’s life, you don’t always get your way.

I turn 24 at the end of this month, and I am nowhere near where I envisioned myself to be at that age. And that’s okay.

I’m somewhere much better.

There may be some aspects of my life that need work. For example I’m really working on my health and getting into shape at the moment. Ali and I still need to move into our own place, but we will be doing soon. Life is always a work in progress and I think by the end of the year I’ll look back to now and realise I’ve come much further again.

I am in a place where I feel well and truly 100% myself. I have noone in my life around whom I feel I need to edit myself. My life is full of people who love me for exactly who I am, weird quirks and all. And I can say exactly the same about them.

I’m moving into a stage of my life where we feel like grown ups, no matter how daft that sounds. One of my best friends is planning a wedding, some friends have had their own little human, others are qualifying as doctors, and we all finally feel like we’re a step further on in life than we were on graduating.

Thinking about being in my mid-twenties used to terrify me, but now I can’t wait to see what it brings.


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