Project Back In Shape

Today I’m talking body image and getting back in shape. I saw the picture below on the right on the same day the one on the left came up on my Timehop and I realised that I wasn’t happy in my size as my confidence may portray. Long hours and a stress ridden job had the opposite effect on my body than I thought it would – I thought I’d lose weight if I was stressed, not pile it on.

I haven’t expressed too much worry about my size because I’m not huge or horrifically overweight and people have and will tell me I have nothing to worry about. In private it’s been a very different story, and sometimes we realise we need to do something for ourselves.

I can see I’m not huge. I can see I’m not unhealthy. But I’m no longer comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want to go on a crash diet or lose all the weight in the world. I still rock everything I wear, don’t ever doubt that. I love me my crop tops! I just want to get back into having a healthy relationship with myself. And I’d like my fresher bum back – check out that butt shelf, phwoar.

I’m currently doing cardio and strength workouts in the morning and yoga everydamnday and I’m already feeling much better about myself in general. I’m sleeping much better, my general mood is more positive, and my skin is much better.

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All this is working towards a happier me, which is really important to me at the moment. I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Namaste.


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