Lush Nottingham Bloggers Evening

    Lush Nottingham Bloggers Evening

    I’ve always been a bit of a Lushie, and I’ve always had fantastic service in Lush Nottingham. Sometimes it’s been someone giving me advice on the best products to help a bad breakout, and sometimes it’s been helping me check out quickly on a lunch dash. Back in December, I was given a big pick me up after being made redundant by a random act of kindness by one of the staff.

    A few years ago, being invited to an event at Lush seemed like something that happened when you’d made it. Whilst these days those that have made it get whisked away for weekends in Paris or for fancy brunches in London, I still felt like I’d ticked a box when a Lush event invite landed in my inbox.  Read more…

    The Things I Wish I Was Taught At School

    things i wish i was taught at school

    Personally, I enjoyed my time at school. I was lucky enough to secure a scholarship to a grammar school, which led to many opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I’ll forever be grateful for the schooling I received. However, as I move through life and have to do more ‘adulting’, I realise that whilst school taught me a lot of things, it also didn’t teach me a lot of tremendously important things. After putting out tweets on the matter I was happy to find out I wasn’t alone in this feeling! Read more…

    Review: Son of Steak, Nottingham

    Son of Steak Nottingham

    When a restaurant launch invite popped into my inbox that listed mojitos on tap, you better know I said yes. New restaurants seem to be opening up in Nottingham every other day, and Son of Steak is the latest addition to Trinity Square. After seeing the venue being put together when out on lunch breaks, I was really excited to see what the restaurant had to offer the ever expanding Nottingham food scene. Read more…

    Teeth Whitening with WhiteWash Nano

    Teeth Whitening with WhiteWash Nano

    If someone asked you what part of yourself you were most self-conscious about, what would it be? For me, it’s my teeth and always has been. Too much tea and too many fizzy drinks have really taken a toll on the whiteness of my teeth, and I’m forever searching for sensitive-teeth-friendly ways to improve their appearance. This time, I’ve been trying the entire Nano range from WhiteWash Labs. Read more…