Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Liberty Matte

Everyone’s got those lipsticks that make them feel like a badass right? No? Just me?

Whether I’m alone in that or not, this is my most recent I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD lipstick – and it cost less than a Tesco meal deal! And surprise surprise, it’s another purple. This one being from those wonderful people at Make Up Revolution.

The bullet is obviously reminiscent of MAC, I think even a half trained bloke might be able to tell that! I do absolutely love the rose gold detailing. In the past the famous £1 MUR lipsticks (whilst forgiven because of my love for them) have fallen foul to falling apart or cracking in my bag – and one even accidentally got melted (oops!) So if I’m totally and brutally honest I was expecting more of the same from this product. I was pleasantly surprised though – this lipstick is as sturdy as they come. And bonus points for not having a lid that pops out and you end up with a gritty lipstick!

Creamy in texture this lipstick applies like a dream. I found it to be totally non-drying and light. It didn’t cling to any dry patches so I didn’t need a lip balm beforehand. I wore this lipstick out on my last hurrah in Leeds and it didn’t need reapplying more than once – and that was only because we were about to take some selfies!

Some people have been hailing this particular shade as a dupe for Heroine from MAC. I’m not fully sure if I agree that it’s a *dupe*, but if I ever buy it I’ll be sure to do a comparison post because they are clearly very similar.

As you can see on my lips it isn’t the most matte product ever, but I quite like the finish and I’ll forgive it that for how creamy application is and how comfy this lippy is! This particular shade it super pigmented – one swipe and you get a great wash of colour, a second and you get the purely opaque finish you can see above.

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