Make Up 101 for Glasses Wearers

About a year ago, I wrote a post of tips for contact lens wearers. I received a lot of feedback between that and my tongue in cheek glasses problems post that you would love to see a post full of make up tips for glasses wearers – so here it is! It is important to note that you should do whatever you want to your face because half of the fun of make up is experimenting! These are just tips that I have found work very well for me, and may do for you as well.


Make sure you have a good concealer because when you wear glasses your under eye area (and therefore any lines or dark circles) becomes much more noticeable. With smaller frames you may also see a shadow from your frames in your under eye area which makes the whole area look darker. I also opt for a brightening concealer because of my immense bags – but it really helps keep my under eye light and bright!


There are a couple of tips when it comes to mascara. When picking mascaras, I tend to lean towards those that achieve a great curl to avoid my lashes dragging down the inside of my lenses every time I blink. Luckily I’m bless with naturally curly lashes, but if you struggle to find a mascara that holds a strong curl, trying using an eyelash curler first. Equally, I find waterproof formula mascaras the best because if your lashes do brush your lenses, they won’t deposit mascara half as easily.


Make sure anything you apply is blended out properly – your lenses will draw attention to your eyes and make up so any mistakes will be more obvious. One thing with eyeshadow is to try and keep it within your frames because when broken up by your glasses it can look a bit disjointed. I get round this by having huge glasses! Also bear in mind that your prescription may affect how your eyes appear. I know that my strong prescription for shortsightedness means that my eyes appear larger through my lenses. With this one it’s all about playing with looks and seeing what works best.


A lot of people say that the thicker your frames, the thicker your eyeliner should be. This isn’t a rule I stick to because I like playing with my eye looks too much!


It’s best to keep your brows in check. Your frames will draw attention to them, and the chances are your lenses will highlight any stray hairs! I view my brows as an extension of my glasses as both frame my face entirely.


I mentioned waterproof mascara above, but the formula of your base products is important too. Anyone who wears glasses knows they are constantly covered in foundation! The best base products to go for are those that are long-wearing and won’t slip beneath your frames. I’ve yet to find a foundation that doesn’t rub off onto my frames but those waterproof and smudge proof ones I have tried have held up much better.



If you’re like me and are totally blind without your glasses get yourself a magnifying mirror – it will help you actually see what you’re doing without getting so close to the mirror your breath fogs it up! With whatever make up you are applying use a light hand. Struggling to see what you’re doing means it’s best to apply in stages. It’s much easier to add more on than having to take it all off and restart!


Bear in mind that a lot of the coatings that glasses can have these days, such as anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings will probably see a very slight tint to your lenses (especially in the sun). I find my anti-glare coating leaves my glasses with a very slight purple tint. This is because they are designed to help take some of the strain of computer usage off my eyes. For me this isn’t a worry at all, but it is definitely worth thinking about if this will affect how your make up looks. And keep your lenses clean! Glasses get dirty so easily, but messy lenses makes your make up look messy too!


Lastly, as with everything in life, do what feels right for you. Personally I save my darker, heavier eye make up for when I am wearing my contact lenses, as in my glasses they darken my whole face. That isn’t to say I don’t go smokey with my glasses – I just use a medium brown smoked out, often with a touch of purple. If you’d be interested in seeing that look on the blog just let me know!
Is there anything I’ve missed? Share your glasses make up tips below!
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