Make Up 101 for Contact Lens Wearers

I’ve been asked a few times if wearing contact lenses affects my make up, so I thought I’d focus on that today. I find it does affect my make up in terms of what I wear – mainly because I play my eyes up much more in my look when I’m wearing lenses. For me personally, a much more natural eye looks better with my glasses. More than anything my routine is altered by my wearing of contact lenses.

Here are my tips to keeping your eyes tip top and healthy when using make up and lenses.

Wash your hands and rinse them thoroughly.
You don’t want dirty fingers in your eyes, but equally you don’t want to put soap residue in them either – trust me, it hurts!

Put your lenses in first.
For me this is before I do anything to my face – i.e. pre-moisturising/priming etc. If you prefer to moisturise first then simply wash your hands afterwards as above. Give your lenses time to settle and your eyes to normalise. For some this takes longer than for others. I have quite dry eyes and so sometimes it can take my lenses a while to settle, or I may need to add eye drops – and no one wants to do that after just finishing their make up!

Choose your products wisely.
Powder eyeshadows are better than loose pigments in terms of fall out that can get stuck in your eyes and potentially under your lenses. If you’re really worried about this cream shadows are your friend! I find for me powder eyeshadows are totally fine – if anything it means I apply my make up much more carefully and mess up less!

Be careful with eyeliner! 
Liquid liner if it gets in your eye is not pleasant anyway, but add in lenses it goes super funky – I once ended up with a line of black liner around the edge of my lenses. Maybe a good look for Halloween but not for everyday! Equally kohl liners on the water line are a no go for me – they just irritate my eyes personally.

Think carefully about what’s going near your eyes.
My optician has advised me to stray away from fibre mascaras because the fibres can stray into your eyes. I’ve never seen the appeal of fibre mascaras anyway so that’s fine! Equally I’ve been told to be careful applying false lashes, but luckily for me my lashes are pretty good as is so I very rarely wear them!

When taking your make up off, wash your hands and take your lenses out first.
There’s two reasons for this. Lenses and make up remover don’t mix – you don’t want to irritate your now tired eyes further or risk ruining your lenses! The second reason is something I’ve experienced and it’s not fun! I skipped this step and in removing my eye make up I accidentally caused my lenses to slip into the side of my eyes. I’ll tell you now it’s both painful, scary and time consuming – it took ages to get them out safely without ruining them!

Remember, you only have one set of eyes – so look after them!
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