Lush Ylang Song Bombshell

Lush Ylang Song

It’s been a while since I spoke about Lush on the blog! If you follow my Instagram you’ll be well aware that I’m still regularly partaking in a Lush bath, so today I’m throwing it way back with a little bath bomb review. This time – Ylang Song Bombshell!

I discovered this bath bomb when I did a little Oxford Street haul last summer. It was originally an Oxford Street exclusive but is now sold on the Lush website, and you bet I’ve had my share of them!

Whilst it’s a pretty little thing, it’s quite plain compared to a lot of products that Lush is known for. It probably gets a bit overlooked because of this to be honest! It was only when I gave it a sniff that I popped it in my basket. The Ylang Song Bombshell contains rosewood, neroli oil and ylang ylang which together create a soft yet sweet scent.

It’s a fast fizzer and it has a little surprise inside. As expected, it fizzes away white, but all of a sudden it releases petals and a vibrant green colour into your bath water. Not as exciting as something like the Experimenter, but still a lovely addition to a plainer product. (Don’t worry though, the petals are super easy to clean up afterwards – not like Furze bath oil!)

As for how it feels in the bath, it makes your water feel lovely and smooth. It doesn’t leave any scent lingering on you for ages afterwards, but your skin definitely feels like it’s had a good pamper!

The Verdict?

It’s one of the pricier bath bombs Lush offers at £4.25, but I really do love it. I’m glad it’s now available for purchase online because I’ll keep going back to it!

Have you tried Ylang Song Bombshell? What’s your favourite Lush product?


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