Lush: The Experimenter

New year, not a new type of post. We all know KNEL is overdue a new Lush product review – it’s been a month since the last after all! Today it’s the much talked about The Experimenter bath ballistic – which if you haven’t seen or heard anything about by now you must have been living in a cave!

I’d obviously seen a lot of blog and Instagram posts of this bad boy since it was released last year as part of the Oxford St exclusives, and then even more when it was rolled out into all stores a couple of months later. It was one that I didn’t rush out and buy however, not that I could give a reason why – maybe I was scared it wouldn’t be as good as it looked.

It isn’t the traditional round bath bomb, rather a 3D hexagon type shape with 5 different coloured sections – which obviously are what make this particular bath bomb such a spectacle. Adding popping candy and gold lustre into the mix added to the show created – it’s really one to sit and watch fizz away to see what happens! The bright colours fizz and spin away through the bath releasing a real rainbow. The blue, yellow, white, pink and purple do stay quite separate as they swirl together and I can imagine there’s a different result with every Experimenter.
The Experimenter bath bomb from Lush in the bath
I found it really interesting that the colour of the water changed as the bath bomb fizzed away. It went from blue, to green, to a deep purple and created an odd gradient towards the edge of the tub. Unfortunately the only downside to all the colours is when you get in the bath and they all swirl together it does product a rather icky grey colour. I hate to say it but it kind of felt like sitting in dirty water so I think next time I’d be tempted to go for a cocktail bath and use a bubble bar as well.

The scent is described as deep and complex with vanilla absolute and tonka adding a sweetness. I’d agree with this but if I had to pick one word to describe the scent it would be spicy. There was something distinctly spicy and seductive about this fragrance and how it hung around in the bathroom. It really made me think about being in a spa or being cuddled up in front of a wood fire!

Would I buy this one again? Probably, but there’s other Lush bath bombs that are much further up my list – plus I’d have to use this with a bubble bar to enjoy it without feeling I was sitting in dirty water. But if you are after a spectacle for your bathtime it is worth picking up to try. You can buy it in store or online for £3.95.
Have you tried The Experimenter? 
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