Lush Skin Drink Facial Moisturiser Saved My Face

Skin Drink

You might remember I wrote about the bad affect the Garnier Moisture Bomb range had on my already dehydrated skin. It became even more dehydrated, flaky across my T-zone and on top of that it was very sensitive. When it wasn’t clearing up I decided to speak to the staff in Lush to see if any of their products might help. After trying Skin Drink on the back of my hand, I was convinced that this would be what would help my skin recover.

Skin Drink is packed full of oils and butters, and is described as having a rose and orange neroli scent. I don’t agree with those notes as to me the scent of the sesame oil was the overarching nutty scent. Some people don’t like the fact this product smells nutty but I really like it – it makes a nice change from the usual scents you get in skincare ranges!

You don’t need much of this product to coat your entire face. It doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy despite all the oils, just pleasantly plump. I use it morning and evening, applying slightly more in the evening to let it sink in overnight. Compared to a lot of stuff you can pick up in Boots, it’s a pricier product at £13.95 for 45g. However if you know your Lush products you’ll know that’s pretty reasonable for a Lush moisturiser!

So did my skin drink Skin Drink up? 

Absolutely! Within a couple of days of using this product my skin began to look a million times better. The flakiness began to disappear and the sensitivity began to reduce. I’m now back to chopping and changing my moisturisers now my skin has calmed down, but I won’t be without this in my collection to help soothe any skin flare ups!

What product do you turn to for those nasty skincare flare ups?


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  • This sounds right up my street, my skin is so dehydrated especially in the colder months and right now as I’m dabbling with matte foundations I really need to prepare my face that bit better!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

  • I’m a big fan of lush skin care products, so I’m certainly going to have to give this a go! My skin is normally super oily but since being pregnant it’s been ridiculously dry! Pesky hormones! So I might just have to treat myself to this! Thanks for sharing :3 x

  • I´m currently on the hunt for new skincare picks and this sounds amazing! I tend to get quite dry skin in some areas of my face, so using this from time to time could really help my skin.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  • Skye

    This sounds perfect for me! I have dry, sensitive skin and really struggle to get it moisturised without the greasiness, so I’ll have to get this!


  • This sounds so lovely, I’m glad you’ve found something that works so well! I’ve been using the Yes To Cucumber moisturiser, it has such a nice calming effect :) xx


  • Yasmin Rebecca

    I swear by Lush skin care, but the facial moisturizers are amazing! I have oily and sometimes combination skin, so I use enzymion which has worked wonders. Skin Drink is gorgeous on dry skin, I also love Vanishing Cream too! Glad this has worked for you.

    Y x |

    • I’ve never tried Enzymion but I’ve heard great things about that too! Glad their skincare works as well for you :) x

  • My skin is always so dry so I may have to pick this up next time im in town. It sounds really good. Love Lush skincare
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    • Hope that it works for you if you pick it up! Let me know :) xx

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