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Who knew that so close to the hustle and bustle of the heart of Studentville (aka Hyde Park) in Leeds is the most peaceful bit of nature I’ve found in a long time. Not even 15 minutes walk away from my house you can find yourself on the Meanwood Valley Trail, a lovely natural walking trail. I’m not sure how long it goes on for but it seems like it’s a hit with the runners!

A couple of Saturdays ago, one of my closest friends made sure I was up and ready to go at about 10am to get out for a walk and take me to the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. I’ve been very stressed and highly strung of late, so this was a form of therapy I guess. The farm is a great hit with kids judging by the number of families there, but I was pretty happy to get out into the countryside for a while and breathe some clean, fresh air.

As you enter the farm, there’s a large field with goats and sheep and donkeys and an alpaca or two roaming around. They’re only really interested in you if you have food and will wander off once they realise you have none! Bags of feed are available for 50p (I think!) so my friend and I got one and headed back to the pen to be accosted by mostly well behaved goats and sheep. And one incredibly fiesty one who wouldn’t let his friends eat!

meanwood-valley-urban-farm meanwood-valley-urban-farm meanwood-valley-urban-farm
We carried on exploring the farm, finding rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens and the like. We then traipsed up around the back of the farm to find the rest of the animals roaming around the fields. There was one chicken who seemed to have escaped and was running around and the children were trying to catch.

I highly recommend Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, especially if you have kids and a morning to kill. It’s a great few hours out in the fresh countryside, and it did wonders for my stress levels! The farm is open daily from 10-4, and I certainly will be going back later in the year, hopefully to see some baby animals!
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