Let’s Talk About… Kindness

Let's talk about kindness

It’s no secret that 2016 has been one for the history books, whatever your views. I’m not going to go into my personal views or politics here, I’d just like to talk about kindness. The world needs more of it, and I think that December is a great time to spread it.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that I’ve been MIA again. If you follow me on Twitter you might be aware that a couple of weeks ago I was made redundant. I’m back to the job-hunting life, so I just took a bit of time out after this happened.

I really needed to chill out, so naturally I popped into Lush to grab myself a bath bomb. Unsure what to go for, I ended up chatting with one of the staff. I explained that I’d had ‘one of those weeks’ and wanted something super relaxing that didn’t smell like lavender. We opted for the newly designed Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, I thanked the girl and toddled off to the till.

On my way out of the store, the same assistant stopped me and said that she wanted to give me a gift to hopefully turn my week around. She gave me a Santasaurus Rex Bubble Bar, saying that hopefully a few more baths would help to cheer me up.

I had no idea this was a policy at Lush until later, but I was so incredibly touched by this gesture. Simply because I’d mentioned off hand that I’d had a bit of a rubbish week she decided to use one of her Random Acts of Kindness. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me at the time. I actually welled up and gave her a hug. I’ve since emailed Lush to get a thanks to her personally.

A complete stranger did something she absolutely didn’t have to do for me. It made me think about how the little things can totally change someone’s day.

I think it’s important to do more of these little things, especially at a time of year when we’re meant to be celebrating good will to all men. It might be donating clothes to a shelter for those less fortunate than ourselves, or it might just be holding the door open for someone. All these little things can have such an incredible influence on someone’s day.

So I’m setting myself a pre-New Year’s resolution.

To do those little things. Compliment people more. Be a generally kinder person to everyone, not just my nearest and dearest. Will you join me?

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  • This was such a lovely post, I am with you there I’m definitely going to try being an all round kinder person!

    Ella xx

    • Glad you enjoyed it Ella! xx

  • This is so lovely! I’m glad that it cheered you up! I need to do more random acts of kindness!

    Tarnya xx

    • It’s definitely my main aim moving forward :) xx

  • What a lovely story! I love people who are kind without any ulterior motive. Also just like sales assistants being generally nice & not too pushy is so refreshing. I just want a simple smile! I´ve tried to be a nicer person this year, e.g. by always offering my seat in the bus to people who might need it more than me.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    • Absolutely! The fact it was without motive was what totally threw me as you just don’t see that as much these days! xx

  • What a lovely thing for her to do, kindness can make such a difference! I hope you’re feeling better a couple of weeks on lovely ♥ xx


    • It really made me realise the difference it can make! I’m feeling good thanks lovely, was of course a shock at first but onwards and upwards! xx

  • Oh that’s so lovely! I’ve always thought the LUSH staff/shops are brilliant with customer service and just genuinely being nice but this tops everything! Hope you are feeling better!

    • Yeah the staff are always fantastic but I had no idea that this was something Lush did! Feeling much better a couple of weeks down the line, thanks so much Katie xx