The Last Three Months

plant pot with ivy

I think we need to have a catch-up. Fancy a cuppa? I’ll tell you where I’ve been for three months.

Way back in July I wrote about how I was struggling to write and throwing it even further back to April I wrote about the importance of taking time out for yourself. Turns out this has been somewhat of a trend given the three months of radio silence from me.


In August I had some scheduled time off for a really exciting activity. Ali and I moved into our first home together so I spent a couple of weeks packing up our lives, moving it all then creating a little nest of our own. I had no intention of writing during that time, and whilst we were unpacked pretty quickly (thank you past Katie for having a clear out), I wanted to enjoy settling in before heaping any pressure on myself to create content. Plus the same week was our three year anniversary so it was nice to relish in some us time.

I can’t express how much I love our flat. It’s just exactly what we need and after a couple of years living with my parents, followed by living with Ali’s parents it’s so just to have something that’s ours. Plus what gal doesn’t enjoy browsing and picking out the cutest homeware?


We spent a long weekend on the south coast of Ireland at the start of September for a family wedding. We stayed in the most beautiful hotel and the wedding was out of this world. One night we went on a nighttime kayaking trip on Loch Hyne which was absolutely incredible. A seawater lake that has plankton that lights up in the dark as you paddle through it. Literally like magic!

I could totally live my life by the sea going for walks and swims every day.


This month, oh this month has been a doozy. I’ve had a really rough couple of weeks to be honest, but I’m coming out the other side and feeling in control of my life again. Work has been mad busy and stressful. I got an ear infection, then the flu, then a cough… You get the picture.

Last weekend was spent in the countryside in Worcestershire and it totally cleared my head. I finally feel ready to be back on top of my game. I’ve got myself a glass of wine and I’m gonna get some shit written.

Ya girl is back.

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