KNEL Walks: Lyme Park

One of the things Ali and I like to do fairly often when we see each other is to get out for walks in the countryside and whatnot. Since he began working full time and has had access to a car this has opened up the possibilities of where we can go which is fantastic! We went up to Castleton in the Peak District back in October, somewhere I love and want to go back to soon. We spent Ali’s birthday (NYE!) wandering around Newstead Abbey and we have tried to go to Fountains Abbey – we drove all the way there only to find it had closed about ten minutes before we arrived due to the high wind speed!

So this time it was Lyme Park. It’s literally only up the road from me. It takes 20 minutes to drive there on a good traffic day and it’s somewhere I went a lot when I was younger – school trips, D of E training etc etc. However it is a total biznitch to get to on public transport from where I live. So now we have the car we trundled on up for a leisurely Saturday afternoon walk.


And above ladies and gentlemen is why I am not a fashion blogger! The wind speed was crazy up on the hills!

We had a lovely time wandering around the hills and the gardens of Lyme Hall – I definitely will be going back in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom! Though despite it being January we did see some flowers as you can see above. We saw every type of weather during the couple of hours we were out – sun, snow, rain, wind, you name it, it happened. The wind speed was verging on painful but it was still well worth climbing the little hills for the views over Manchester. It never ceases to amaze me how far you can see from the top of a hill.

We’ve decided that we’re going to look at getting a National Trust membership when we’re both earning (and hopefully living in the same city!) because it will encourage us to get out into gorgeous sites like Lyme Park even more often!

Do you like getting out into the countryside? Is there anywhere you would recommend for a walk?
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