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I’ve always been pretty terrible at drinking enough water, so I’m always looking for ways to help increase my water intake. I struggle with the blandness of water so often turn to juices and cordials to up my hydration. Of course this brings a lot of sugar into my diet which I could really do with cutting out! When I heard about Just Bee‘s low calorie flavoured water I had to give it a go.

Just Bee Spring Water Drinks are spring water infused with a small amount of honey and come in three deliciously fruity flavours: Apple & Ginger, Lemon & Green Tea and Blueberry. They contain no refined sugars and are all less than 50 calories per carton.

All three flavours were much more flavoursome than I expected. Usually flavoured waters are very subtly flavoured, whereas these were almost like juices in flavour! My favourite by far was Apple & Ginger and is my new favourite way to drink water!

I love the clean look of the packaging. It’s simplicity, colours and logo really reflect the product inside, and I love that each flavour drink has different coloured bees on the carton to tie it all together.

Save The Bees

10% of all profits are donated to British bee charities. Just Bee are lovers of bees – in fact the business grew out of this love of bees. In my package was a little sachet of wildflower seeds. By providing customers with seeds, we can all help Just Bee help the bees survive. You can help too by requesting your own wildflower seeds to plant!

Best of all, these drinks are stocked in places such as Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Boots so are really easy to get hold of. So why not swap out your fizzy drink with your Boots meal deal and help save the bees? You can do so without getting rid of your sweet lunchtime treat!

I was sent these products to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclaimer.
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