June on Instagram

June on instagram

June saw a month of radio silence here on KNEL as I found myself struggling to write. Because of this I really threw myself into improving my photos because I really needed to be creating something. So despite the algorithm, despite bot-gate, despite all the annoying things about Instagram, I threw myself into it. So what better way to give you an update on what I got up to than a rundown of my June on Instagram?

  • The month was kickstarted by attending Blog at the Beach with Ice Lolly in Leeds for an afternoon of inspiring talks from Rhianna, Jen and Jess on all things blogging. It meant I got to spend the day with some fabulous people, including Sophie, Molly, Tiff and Samantha!
  • I spent the rest of the weekend staying with a friend in Leeds, but before I left I went for brunch with Rhianna and Joe and it was DIVINE.
  • I can’t resist a good pun so I got these (now sold out) pyjamas in the New Look sale. And how cute is my cat headband?
  • One weekend we went to watch the Masters rowing competition in Nottingham as we knew some people competing.
  • Ali and I had a rare mid-week day off together, so we spent it getting-shit-done (and drinking coffee!)
  • The lovely team at Tortilla in Nottingham hosted a blogger evening where they spoiled us rotten with frozen margaritas and their summer special.
  • I baked some chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting topped with a strawberry. Mary Berry eat your heart out!
  • Ali and I went out for lunch and cocktails one Saturday. Naturally, when I saw a nice background I had to get an outfit shot!
  • Lastly, we went on a lovely Sunday evening family stroll around Attenborough Nature Reserve and the weather was just beautiful.

Don’t forget you can keep up to date on everything I’m up to on Instagram! What did you get up to in June?

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