I’ve become obsessed with… nature photography

After visiting Nottingham for two years and living here for four months, we thought it about time I went up to Sherwood Forest to see the Major Oak – it is a big part of Nottinghamshire heritage after all. If you don’t know – it’s where Robin Hood and his band of merry men supposedly slept according to folklore. It’s in Sherwood Forest a little outside Nottingham itself near a town called Edwinstowe, should you ever want to visit. It’s a pretty hefty tree. I mean, it’s branches are held up by scaffolding!

Anyone that knows Ali and I know that we love going to zoos and aquariums, and our most recent trip was to Twycross Zoo armed with Ali’s DSLR. We were able to walk around in the lemur enclosure and get really close to the absolutely gorgeous little things.

So why am I rambling on about some old tree and the zoo?

Well sometimes we just find ourselves completely addicted to doing something. Whether it’s going through phases of absolutely loving a certain food, eating it to death and not touching it again for a year, or an activity, I’ve got a fairly addictive personality. My most recent obsession isn’t food (for once, thank god!) but photographing nature.

Even before I started my blog I have always been into photography. I used it within all my artwork at school. I took film photography classes – including developing the images myself which was super cool and something I’d definitely like to do again.

If you follow my Instagram you’ll have noticed an increase of pictures of greenery, and that’s thanks to this new obsession. I simply can’t get enough of it! I absolutely love the feeling of getting that great shot of an animal before it runs off, or capturing the sun streaming through the trees. It’s just magical. These few recent outings with Ali’s camera has given me the bug again thanks to getting shots like these…

nature-photography-2 nature-photography-3 nature-photography-4 nature-photography-5 nature-photography-6 nature-photography

Of course these shots are by no means perfect with some out of focus and whatnot. I do have a lot to learn about the workings of aperture and ISO but I absolutely loved capturing them. Here’s to many more photograph opportunities in the future!

What’s your favourite thing to photograph?


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