An Introduction To Hot Pod Yoga

hot pod yoga Nottingham

I got to try a new form of exercise last week – hot pod yoga.

One thing you may not know about me is that I really enjoy yoga. It’s played a big part in my health and fitness journey over the past two or so years. I recently spoke about how my gran may or may not have been right about taking the time to meditate more often for the sake of my mental health. My way of making sure I actually achieve that is by practising a little bit of yoga. Even if it’s only five minutes, it means I clear my head and focus on my breathing and energy. It ultimately lets me get rid of a little bit of stress.

When I saw that Molly from Rose Beauty Files arranged for a blogger trial afternoon at Hot Pod Yoga in Nottingham I jumped at the chance. I’ve taken yoga classes at the gym and regularly practise at home. But I’ve never tried hot yoga, despite it being recommended by friends.


Literally exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a 60-minute yoga class inside an inflatable pod, oh and it’s hot. 37 degrees and 70% humidity to be exact.

hot pod yoga Nottingham

Our instructor Sarah led a fantastic class, making sure that we all felt comfortable and offering differing variations of each movement to cater for everyone in the room. It’s a great relaxed environment, and everyone is able to take things at their own pace. It wasn’t out of place to stop for a minute and have a drink of water before jumping back into the next movement.

During the class, Sarah also moved around and applied something called China Gel to our back, shoulder and neck if this is something we were comfortable with. It is a greaseless therapeutic gel that derives from the ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. It’s not used because the class is painful, but because of the invigorating effect that it has on the muscles. I definitely felt the benefits of it – it made my back cool off and tingle as it soaked in, and the smell really helped to relax and centre my mind. If you’ve ever smelt Olbas Oil it smells exactly like that so it cleared out the old sinuses too!

When I left the pod at the end of the class I felt more chilled out than at the end of any class before – it must be the heat! I was also incredibly sweat-drenched so I popped off for a quick shower and got changed. I have to say I was really glad I opted for a dress because I couldn’t have got jeans on afterwards!


I absolutely loved my first hot yoga class and I’ll definitely be heading back soon. I’m hoping I’ll be able to regularly incorporate it into my fitness regime. If you like yoga I would recommend giving it a go. Just take plenty of water and prepare to get sweaty!

*We were invited to review Hot Pod Yoga and our class was provided free of charge. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclaimer.*
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