Illamasqua Precision Ink Eyeliner in Havoc

Ever since Benefit brought out the They’re Real Push Up Liner in various colours, I’ve been lusting after the purple shade. I’ve tried the liner in the past however, and I just can’t get on with the applicator. In theory I think it’s brilliant but I can never get it on my face in a way that looks any good! So when I saw the Precision Ink Eyeliner in Havoc on Illamasqua’s website I knew it had to be mine – not only is it the colour I was hunting for, it’s liquid too!

I love the sleek packaging, and the relatively long handle makes for easy manoeuvring during application. I have other liquid liners in my collection that also have simple black packaging, but this offering from Illamasqua just feels a lot more expensive. The applicator itself is great. It has the right amount of give to glide smoothly across the curve of the eyelid, but it is stiff enough that you can still get a very thin and precise line.

I would warn those who haven’t tried any of these liners that they don’t dry as quickly as others I’ve used. So bear that in mind, especially if you apply your liner thickly because you could end up with it everywhere if you blink before it’s dry!

Illamasqua eyeliner
When it does dry, it actually has a high shine finish (though I will admit it’s hard to see this in the photos – it was hard to capture!) I was surprised that I liked this finish because I’m a big advocate of matte eyeliner, but I’m a fan of this shiny finish – it’s always nice to mix things up eh? As long as you give the liner a good shake beforehand it doesn’t come off streaky in any way resulting in a great finish.

It holds up on a long day, with no flaking, smudging or transferring – it’s harder to take off at the end of the day than other liners too, showing it would last even longer. The only thing I would note is that if you do quite a big wing with you liner like I sometimes do, you may be able to feel this one when you blink. I tend to stick to a smaller wing when using this liner because of that reason. It doesn’t bother me much, it just makes me worry constantly that eyeliner is going all over my face!

Overall, I like it. A great long-lasting liner that doesn’t migrate across your face – making it ideal for long days. It’s a subtle change to the norm of black eyeliner as it’s clear that it isn’t black, but it’s not a super bright colour at the same time. I’m not sure I’d get the black liner from this range purely because I prefer matte black liner and there’s some fantastic budget ones out there, but I wouldn’t rule it out! You can buy Havoc on the Illamasqua website for £20.50.

Have you tried Illamasqua products before?


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