How To Have A Better Morning!

Since changing my working life to being during the day instead of during the night, I’ve realised I’m a very nocturnal person in my habits generally. The Monday to Friday 6am starts have been a little shock to my system – it wasn’t too long ago when 6am was the time I’d be getting home from work! There have been some things that have made my mornings and getting ready for work much easier. With the days getting shorter and darker and colder I hope they continue to make a difference to my daily routine!

1. If you struggle to wake up as soon as the alarm sounds, set it 30 minutes early so you can still have that dozy wake up time without the panicky rush that’s bound to follow if you’re running late.

2. Let in the light, or what little of it there is! It’s so much easier to wake up in the summer thanks to the light isn’t it? I often leave my curtains open a little to let in the sunrise, I find it really helps me wake up.

3. As soon as you’re up go and wash your face. It doesn’t have to be cold water, but that does work even better if you dare to try it!

4. Lay out your clothes the night before – this was you avoid any bleary eyed fashion mistakes. And if you’re anything like me you’ll avoid the inevitable I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR situation.

5. Similarly pack your bag the night before with everything you need – including your lunch/snacks if you take in your own!

6. Don’t skimp on breakfast foods. If you aren’t a fan of toast or cereals then don’t force yourself to have them in the house. I tend to eat my breakfast when I get to work. This is more because it’s easier on my stomach on the drive in if I haven’t eaten yet, but I know lots of people can’t stomach eating first thing. It still is the most important meal of the day so make sure you have it!

7. Exercise works wonders for some people – I have friends who swear it’s the best way to wake up of a morning. If you’re one of those people you can lay your workout clothes out the night before to make the process quicker. Personally I prefer to exercise of an evening as I get very tired after exercise as I like to work myself as hard as I possibly can. It’s all about finding what works for you!

8. Nothing fails to cheer me up more than a brew in a cute mug when I hit the office!

What are your tips for getting your morning off to a good start?
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  • I'm soooo bad at waking up in the morning, these are really good tips though! I try and get as much stuff as I can ready the night before to save hassle, it helps so much :) xx


  • I'm useless at waking up in the morning, especially in the winter, the cold just makes me want to stay in bed! I always set my alarm early though so I can wake up slowly and deciding my outfit the night before saves me a lot of hassle! x

    Bethan Likes

  • Going into the winter it's proving very hard to wake up, never mind get ready! I'm glad I'm not alone in being useless at waking up! xx

  • Thanks for stopping by! Coffee is my saviour in the mornings :) xx

  • It really does doesn't it? I always do something really stupid or miss something really important when I get ready in the morning – two days ago I got ready in the morning and I forgot my purse with all my money and travel tickets in it! xx

  • I am a HORRENDOUS morning person but I'm hoping that when I quit work, I'll be able to wake up at 7am on weekday mornings and have productive days. Otherwise I'll probably just lie in bed until the aftenoon every day and I don't want to waste my days!