Hello Mojito Mint!

I’d seen a little of these products online, and then I spotted them in Boots. Seeing as I was left unattended, it accidentally found it’s way into my basket, but luckily it was on sale anyway!

Hello is a line of super friendly oral care products and so far the line includes mouthwash, toothpaste, breath spray and toothbrushes. The difference? Sleek packaging, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, and more than just the average minty flavour! I originally wanted to pick up the Pink Grapefruit flavour, but it was sadly sold out. Next best option? Well who doesn’t want a mouthwash that tastes like a great Mojito cocktail?

These mouthwashes are alcohol free so they don’t dry the mouth out as much. And between you and me this is the reason I don’t usually include mouthwash in my dental routine. On the contrary, Hello actually left my mouth feeling great!

According to Hello’s website, they aren’t a fan of killing things, so these mouthwashes are designed to freshen your mouth and breath whilst working with your bodies natural defences to keep yourself minty fresh.

I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t like this product if I’m 100% honest. The fruity flavours did scare me slightly. One first use I did think ‘MAN this is TASTY! But how can something so tasty clean my teeth?’ But upon rinsing my mouth felt really good and clean. I’ve loved this mouthwash more and more with each use. I only use it at night but it’s definitely wormed it’s way into my daily routine.

All of Hello’s products have a two year shelf life. But let’s face it, with flavours like this they definitely won’t last that long!
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