Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham

Happy Dough Lucky

I’ve been aware of the upcoming pizza pop up Happy Dough Lucky for a few months now, seeing their teasers on social media. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s now up and running, and this week I went to sample the goods.


Not content with just doing pizza for their pop-up, the Happy Dough Lucky team have provided a range of sides – or ‘small plates’ – for if you don’t want to have a pizza.

The garlic butter dough balls are an absolute highlight for me. Warm, soft and doughy but by no means chewy. The garlic butter sits in the dish allowing you to completely saturate your dough ball if that’s your gig (is there any other way to eat a dough ball but smothered thoroughly in butter?)

The chilli fries are another highlight – though if you can’t handle your spice it’s worth noting these pack a serious punch. Whilst being quite hot, there’s a certain sweetness about these fries, ensuring that you’ll keep dipping back in for more.

The antipasti board and the quinoa salad were met by approval others around the table, but sadly as these dishes contain courgette I was unable to sample them myself.

Happy Dough Lucky


Onto the main event, and what Happy Dough Lucky do best. The team have spent a lot of time preparing their recipes by touring around Naples and really getting to the heart of what makes the perfect, proper Neapolitan pizza. Pictures of their trip are incorporated into the decor of the venue space. It’s a really lovely touch and ensures that customers can see the real effort that has gone into the menu.

There are six pizzas on the Happy Dough Lucky menu, with various toppings to suit all. I went for the pizza topped with sausage, prosciutto, mushroom, egg, tomato and buffalo mozzarella. A friend of mine has always raved about egg on pizza, and I have to say I’m firmly converted. Too often pizza places can scrimp when it comes to toppings, but here you get a good amount.

The dough was definitely the selling point of this pizza. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy but still has enough firmness about it. You can pick it up without it flopping and losing all your toppings. There was a lovely tang about the tomato sauce. For some I can imagine this may be a bit much, but it suited my personal taste to a tee.

Gluten-free dough and vegan cheese are available should dietary requirements need them, but it is worth noting that these come at an extra cost.

Happy Dough Lucky


If you can stomach more eating, the Happy Dough Lucky team can stuff you silly with their desserts.

I personally love a light dessert, so my favourite was the lemon posset pot. Simply a pot full of a lemon mousse, accompanied by berry compot and lemon chantilly cream – the perfect palette cleanser to finish off a meal.

For the chocolate lovers out there, there is a kinder chocolate pot with hazelnut cream and biscuit crunch. Want to combine chocolate with more of that soft, fluffy dough? The ricotta filled chocolate and Nutella doughnut is for you!

Happy Dough Lucky

It was a great visit to Happy Dough Lucky with my buddy Kaylea from Will Flirt For Food – you can read her review of the evening here. Happy Dough Lucky can be found at The Lacehouse on Broadway for the next 12 weeks. I’ll be back before they go!

*We were invited to the launch of Happy Dough Lucky and our food and drink was provided free of charge. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclaimer.*
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