Get Healthy, Get Nakd*!

No don’t worry, you aren’t gonna see all my jiggly bits in this post. Sorry to disappoint you! You are going to see some bars of yummy goodness however – so that’s better right? Maybe, I’m getting hungry thinking about these things.

Nākd Bars are a great new addition to my life, and I have Natural Balance Foods to thank for this. They kindly offered to send me a selection of these healthy cereal bars to try out, and boy was I spoiled with a box of 18 different flavoured bars!

These bars are whole-food vegan snacks and are made entirely from fruit, nuts and natural flavourings. Things are kept nice and simple, with some of the bars having literally just two ingredients – you can’t get much simpler than that! Thanks to this they’re less than 100 calories each which is great if you’re watching those numbers. I’ve been finding that they’ve been great to have before my morning workouts as they provide a good amount of energy.

Because of the high, all natural fruit content these bars are fairly high in sugar so I wouldn’t recommend eating a whole box of these bars in one sitting however easy it might be! But this doesn’t put me off these bars whatsoever, one a day has been seeing me on great!

The bars themselves are lovely, moist and scrumptiously chewy. Bars like this without oats could easily be an awfully unpleasant texture to eat, but I was happily surprised at how much I enjoyed this side of the bars. The natural flavourings can really be tasted, and all tastes are catered for – from the sweet yet tangy Berry Delight to the bitter deep Caffé Mocha. I’m a big fan of the fact there’s some more unusual yet very British themed flavours such as Bakewell Tart and Rhubarb & Custard – I’m a sucker for the novelty factor!

I’m a huge fan of the bright, happy and extremely attention grabbing packaging. They’re really bound to stand out against other snack bars on the supermarket shelves! It’s great to see a vegan friendly snack that has such a wide range of flavours, and that is so readily available – I only wish the bars were a teeny weeny bit bigger than they are (but I am a greedy guts!)

My one note is that if you have a nut allergy I would sadly have to tell you to steer clear of these bars as they do contain nuts – hopefully we may soon see a nut free flavour come along!

All in all I’d really recommend these healthy cereal bars, they’ve been a pleasure to try and on top of that they count as one of your five a day – bonus! You can pick up cases of Nākd bars from Natural Balance Foods – including this great mixed case!

Have you tried Nākd bars? What did you think?

**I was sent these products for review but all opinions are my own**
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