Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Since the season turned I’ve been turning to lipstick a lot more, especially matte ones. I picked up two Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Beauty Bay a couple of months ago and I’ve been wearing them to death over the last month. Having a brown and a purple means I’ve got two go-to autumn colours at my disposal which (spoiler) seriously stay put.

The Packaging

I really love the packaging of these liquid lipsticks. They’re nothing groundbreaking but I think they just look really chic with their frosted glass showing the shade, and the gold lid. Plus I really appreciate a good typeface like the one used for the Gerard Cosmetics logo. They certainly look a lot more expensive than their price tag! When I bought these two they were £9.50 a piece which is a lot cheaper than I expected as it’s not that dissimilar to drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Max Factor. I noticed that the price has gone up to £10.50 on Beauty Bay now but I would still happily pay that price!

The Formula

The formula of both the liquid lipsticks I have are like a creamy mousse and go on very easily with their doe foot applicator. There’s no streakiness or unevenness from either shade which I love! They feel very thin when applied, and seem to thicken up slightly as they dry, becoming tacky before going completely 100% matte. They dry down within about a minute as these shades only need one layer unlike some liquid lipsticks that need more to become fully opaque. The name ‘hydra matte’ becomes clear when hours later you remember you’re wearing a liquid lipstick yet your lips don’t feel like the Sahara Desert! Despite being among the most matte lip products I own these are among the most comfortable.

Usually with that kind of comfort you sacrifice longevity of the lip product, but these babies aren’t going anywhere. They don’t smudge or wear off, and they stand up to kisses, drinks and food. The only time they struggle is when I eat something with oil in it, but I don’t know a single liquid lipstick that doesn’t break down at least a little bit in that situation. But the good news is when this does it’s quite even in how it wears off, so it’s easy to touch up afterwards and looks as good as new!

gerard-cosmetics-hydra-matteThe Colours

I decided to go for my two favourite lip colours – purple and brown! ‘Everything Nice’ is a very unusual warm toned brown which seems to look different on most people. On myself it dries down to a lovely terracotta colour (think your stereotypical plant pot colour!) which I think warms up my complexion quite nicely. I usually go for nude or true browns so it’s certainly a unique colour in my collection.

It was a hard time picking between ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Gravity’, but in the end the former won out as it was a tad more suitable for everyday wear. Now I love me a bold purple lip but Gravity was a little too out there for day to day wear. Again, ‘Ecstasy’ dries down to be much warmer on myself than other people I’ve seen wearing it, but still definitely a purple. It’s a great shade for if you’re wanting to try purple lips without them being too standout.

I swear I would have so much more money if Beauty Bay wasn’t a thing! That’s where I picked up my two shades, and the collection of shades has expanded since then. With buy one get one half price currently on, and it being such a cheap threshold for free delivery I’m sure another order will be happening soon…

Have you tried the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks?

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