Garnier Moisture Bomb Day and Night Cream

Garnier Moisture Bomb Day and Night Cream
My skin tends to lean on the combination side, but is often dehydrated. I was really excited when I saw the Garnier Moisture Bomb range as it looked like exactly what I needed. An added bonus was that the night cream is a gel cream – a texture which historically really agreed with my face. I had a real hope that these two products would be the budget friendly answer to my skin woes.

The packaging is lovely and looks great in any bathroom – especially white and blue ones! I love the pomegranate motif and just generally the whole look of the products. They also smell pretty darn great like most Garnier products.

Sadly this range just didn’t work for me at all – big sad face emoji. The Moisture Bomb 3 in 1 Day Cream is a thick white cream which does absorb into the skin fairly quickly. It’s a pretty standard face cream at the end of the day.

The Moisture Bomb Night Cream was what I was hoping would really help my skin feel more hydrated and plump and just look a bit brighter. I’ve always had a good experience with gel like creams but this one was just, well, horrible. Usually gel creams are super nice to apply and feel very hydrating,but this one just felt downright weird.

The best description I can think of is if you are familiar with the feeling of putting moisturiser on your face when it’s still too wet – slippery and generally just not nice. On top of this my face was left feeling really tight afterwards – more dehydrated than before.

The Verdict

Within a week of using these products my skin was in a sorry state. It felt really tight and dried out, yet looked oddly shiny. I broke out pretty bad across my cheeks and jawline in a manner than looked almost like a rash – so I had to stop using them.

Of course what doesn’t work for me may very well work for you so don’t write this range off immediately. I was upset it didn’t work out because usually Garnier products have been fantastic for me. In basic terms, both products are pretty non-offensive and I’m sure will work very well for most people, but sadly they didn’t agree with me.

Have you tried the Garnier Moisture Bomb range?
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