Photo Diary: Four Days In Paris

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen a million and one photos from my trip to Paris at the start of August. Ali and I went for four days for our anniversary, and for both of us it was our first time visiting the capital of France. It was only when I posted a picture on Instagram this weekend of the Eiffel Tower that I realised it’s been two months since our trip and I still hadn’t got my butt into gear and shared the trip on here. So without further ado here’s my Paris photo diary…

As you will have seen in my recent outfit post, I attended a family wedding at the end of July. That meant I was down in London for that, then back to Nottingham to pack, and then back down to London two days later to catch the Eurostar. My friend Sarah kindly put us up the night before (on a school night too, thanks Saz). We got ourselves to St. Pancras, had some breakfast and waited to board. Once we did I very quickly fell asleep, and woke up in France.

We did all the Paris touristy bits you can think of, which did include me getting overexcited to see statues I studied during my Classics days in the ‘flesh’ when we were in The Louvre. We spent a lot of time around Notre Dame and the beautiful Latin Quarter, we watched the sun set over the city and watched the Eiffel Tower sparkling from the observation deck of the Montparnasse Tower and we spent a lot of time admiring all the beautiful architecture Paris has to offer. But we also got off the beaten track and experienced stuff that I imagine not everyone will have!

paris-view-from-arc-de-triomphe paris-windows paris-view-from-montparnasse-tower Despite it not being included in our pass, of course we were going to go up the Eiffel Tower. I become obsessed with getting up high and seeing the stunning views (hence all the skyline images!) So we decided to walk up to the second floor then get the lift to the top. Typical day at the Eiffel Tower right? Well it would have been, but we actually ended up getting evacuated which honestly was pretty scary. But given the state of emergency in Paris it was dealt with incredibly well by the authorities. In many areas there was a heavy police and army presence which actually lead to me feeling very safe. I’d love to go back and make it to the top of the tower because even from as far up as we got the views were spectacular! 

paris-view-from-eiffel-tower paris-view-from-eiffel-tower-with-shadow paris-eiffel-tower

Whilst sitting eating lunch outside Centre Pompidou we watched a group of people doing some form of interpretive theatre. It was quite interesting to watch even if we didn’t have a clue what was going on. At the end they all began writing all sorts of different things on the floor of the square in chalk, and encouraged others to do so. We got involved and managed to get some arty photos out of it too!

We stumbled across the Espace Dali museum in Montmarte, and decided to go in as it was included in our pass. I honestly thought it would be a tiny room with one or two things in it, and as a Dali fan I didn’t get my hopes up. I was utterly blown away with room upon room of amazing pieces of art by Dali, and a great narrative on his life too. It’s certainly a hidden gem of Paris and if you’re ever there and in the area I can’t recommend it enough!

paris-love-arts paris-interactive-art paris-espace-dali

We stayed at a hotel in Vaugirard, which was really easy to get to on the metro, and was literally a minute away from the station. We opted to get the Paris Pass which got us entry into everything you can think of bar the Eiffel Tower. Plus it included a travel pass for the duration of our stay. I can’t recommend getting the pass enough as it encouraged us to pop into things we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It included a boat tour up and down the Seine, a hop on and off tour bus and a little road train around Montmarte – all of which we decided to do.

One tip is don’t keep your metro ticket near your phone. I had to get mine replaced on several occasions because your phone demagnetises the ticket! Then you’re awkwardly trying to express that your ticket doesn’t work with very broken French!

paris-moulin-rouge paris-eiffel-tower-4 paris-bridge paris-arc-de-triomphe

Overall I had the best time in Paris and it’s given me the huge bug to travel more. Brussels may be on the cards at some point soon because it’s somewhere else you can reach on the Eurostar.

Where’s next on your travel list?


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