Flamingo Candles Chocolate Orange Jar

Today, a candle good enough to eat – perfect for the Easter weekend! You might remember way back in November when I had my first forage into Flamingo Candles (read all about it here!) I just had to add another one to my collection and tell you how lush it is. Maybe it’s just all the chocolate going to my brain but it really makes me think of Mini Eggs and Jaffa Cakes! The colour scheme of this edition is just so spring like and is reflecting how gorgeous the weather has been this weekend.

I went for a standard size jar this time instead of the larger edition I had in November, so this time I had no problems with tunnelling, hooray! The burn time is going well so far – I’ve got about 1/3 left but that’s going to be plenty.

The scent is what I want to point out to you. Chocolate orange, sounds pretty simple right? And it is. But it just smells so amazing I want to throw the scent at you through your screen. It’s not too sweet, and not too sickly with the orange. It has the perfect balance between the dark chocolate side and the tangy orange top notes. Just like the last one, you can smell this candle through the entire house even when it isn’t lit.

When this one runs out I’ll be sure to tell you what I go for next! I’ll also be cleaning it out to use as storage alongside its big sister – the jars are too pretty to not use afterwards!

What scent should I go for next?
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