Feline Fun at Nottingham’s Kitty Café

I think I’ve found the most wonderful place on earth. Seriously – whoever thought about mixing going of for lunch with a whole host of kitty pals was a genius!

When I heard about Kitty Café opening in Nottingham after receiving enough fundraising through Kickstarter, I knew I had to get down there at some point. I came over to Nottingham to celebrate the boyfriend landing himself a swanky new job (yay!) and so we wanted to celebrate. Next thing we’re booking a table at Kitty Café for lunch the next day and excitedly clapping and jumping around the room. We’re grown adults, I swear!

On arrival at the cafe you have to go through a double door system (a safety feature so the cats can’t escape onto the street) you’re hit with an interior design eyeful. Some serious love has gone into designing and furnishing this place.

We checked it, read the rules and were shown to our table after paying the welfare charge. This was £3 per adult at the time of our midweek visit – I believe it’s slightly higher at the weekend. This charge is pretty self explanatory – it’s towards making sure that the cats are cared for at the highest standard. We made our order and were then free to wander the venue to see the cats. This is quite enjoyable as you can really explore the venue as well. It’s much larger than I was expecting, with two rooms full of tables, cat towers, toys and more. There are high up walkways across the rooms so there is plenty of movement space for the cats to get adequate exercise. There’s even walkways that go through the dividing wall from room to room – it was quite amusing to see a little head pop through the wall at one stage!


The menu is actually pretty good – with pizzas, pasta, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and lots of cake. What I really like about the menu was that it was more of a ‘make your own situation,’ as things were priced as ‘with two toppings’ for a certain price. It meant you could order what you fancied rather than being restricted. I ordered a sandwich with chicken, pesto and mozzarella and boy was it yummy! You really get your bang for buck in portion sizes! I couldn’t resist getting a strawberry milkshake as well!


Ali went for pasta with a chocolate milkshake, and one of the cheeky cats took an interest in his lunch much to the amusement of all those around. One clever thing Kitty Café does is provide you with lunch protection should you need it. You can see a basket on the table in the background above – this is one such device used to cover your food to keep it safe from sneaky paws. The other type we were provided with were basically cute umbrellas without the long handles – so they opened up to create a dome shape lunch defence!

Okay so lets get to what you probably came to this post for – cute cats!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

girl stroking cat

I fell in love with this little lady, she kept wandering up and down this banister getting cuddles and I could have taken her home! In fact, Kitty Café does run an adoption scheme so if you do visit and can’t bear to part with a certain feline it is possible to discuss actually taking them home some day! As a big supporter of cat (and all animal) adoption centres I think this is a brilliant idea.

The cats are all super healthy and all have their own personalities with a lot of love to give. If you find yourself in the area I’d highly suggest a visit!

Table bookings are for an hour at a time, and if you want to book a table you can do so here!

Have you ever been to a cat café?
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