Exante Diet Meal Replacements*

The last year or so has had a serious affect on my health and fitness, and with a holiday coming up in a matter of about 40 days I’m determined to stay dedicated to getting in shape. So when I was offered the chance to review some products from Exante Diet I jumped at the chance. Every little helps eh?

“To use – it is important that these products are used as directed and that you maintain an adequate daily fluid intake. For the best results add 20 minutes of exercise daily!”

“Use in conjunction with food as a Meal Replacement for weight control or use 3 products per day alone (as directed) as a Total Diet Replacement for weight control.”

I decided to use one product a day to replace one of my usual meals to see how it affected me on a day to day basis and over a longer period of time than just 3 or 4 days. This started from day one as I was running late for a train with no time for lunch, so I grabbed a nutrition bar to go!

 I’ll start with my least favourite meals – the mains. Sadly I don’t think I could use this plan as a total meal replacement because the mains just weren’t enough for me. This is down to my personal taste as well. My meals are usually full of crunchy vegetables and side salads, so these meals were sadly just a bit sloppy and sad in comparison. Taste wise they were absolutely fine (the curry not spicy at all for those wondering) but there is something lacking – I’d much rather have had these as a lunch than an evening meal.

The desserts on the other hand were great. I much preferred the Maple Syrup Flavoured Pancakes to the Gooey Salted Caramel Pudding, but that’s mainly down to my personal taste more than the product. The pancakes had the maple syrup within them so they had the taste, but I will admit I would rather have had it drizzled over the top to balance the slight dryness. You don’t need to be a culinary whizz to make any of these products which is a bonus as well!

The shakes were my fave! I received Banana and Hazelnut – both flavours I was happy with, though I was a tad wary of the Hazelnut as it wouldn’t have been my first choice. However it was my favourite of the two with a lovely creamy nutty taste! Both shakes pleasantly surprised me as they were mixed with water rather than milk so I really didn’t expect to like them. The consistency was amazing though – you’d think these were made with ice cream. I did use the lower amount of recommended water which made them thicker, and I used my blender to really whizz them up. If I was feeling cheeky I think coffee could go in the Hazelnut one with some ice cubes to get a naughty hazelnut frozen latte!

I was happy with the nutrition bars. They are pretty much what they say on the tin! Great for breakfast or lunch on the go for those of you who have a busy lifestyle – or like me are forever running late! My favourite of the three was the Chocolate Orange Nutrition Bar. The orange wasn’t in your face or overpowering, just nice and sweet. I liked that you could really taste the oats as sometimes you can just be chewing something a bit tasteless with nutrition bars. It’s nice to see chocolate isn’t excluded from this diet plan!

Overall, I do like the Exante Diet products, but I would have to use them in conjunction with healthy dinners rather than replace all my meals with them. I do recommend the nutrition bars, desserts and especially the shakes – Exante know how to make sweet stuff without the calories! If I was to go for just one thing from the range though it would be the shakes, and I’m considering carefully getting the big pack of 50 mixed flavours to see me on for a while. There’s lots more flavours I’m itching to try!

I do think that they aid weight loss, whilst over the fortnight I used these products I didn’t notice a drastic weight loss, combined with my fitness efforts I did notice it’s slowly starting to come off – so it’s a thumbs up from me!

Have you tried Exante Diet or any other meal replacement plans?

*I was sent these products to review but all opinions are my own.
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