Double Colourpop Haul

Colourpop haul

As I mentioned in my last Colourpop post, I’ve been obsessed with their products ever since they first appeared on Instagram. After managing to get my hands on a Lippie Stix, and loving it I was (like many others) frustrated that the company didn’t offer international shipping. Fast forward a few months and Colourpop have offered international shipping for a while, and I’ve taken advantage of more than one offer for international shipping – here’s what I got!

Colourpop haul


I knew I just had to get my hands on some of the eyeshadows. As the original product I lusted over when I first heard about Colourpop, there was no question about adding some to my order. I didn’t want to go for shades I already had from other brands, so I opted for the Zingara Foursome which is full of warm toned colours.

From left to right in the above photo is Paradox, Elixir, Jinxie and Seeker.


Two lip bundles made their way across the Atlantic to my door in the first order. Between the Up and Away bundle and the Out and About bundle, that gave me four Ultra Matte Lips and two Ultra Satin Lips. The one thing I have to say about the lip products is that all the shades were slightly darker than they appear on the website (even the swatch images). Personally, this doesn’t bother me too much as I’m very comfortable with a bold lip. But if you aren’t as confident in pulling off bolder, darker shades this is something to bear in mind and I’d recommend googling for swatches as well.

The Up and Away bundle contains Lovebug (Matte), Mama (Matte) and Calypso (Satin). The Out and About bundle contains Viper (Matte), Times Square (Matte) and Baracuda (Satin).

Colourpop haul

A second order resulted in more liquid lippies arriving at my door! I picked up the ‘On A Whim‘ set from the holiday collection, which contains 5 mini Ultra Satin Lips. As you can see, all the shades in the set are nude-toned, and they come in special edition black packaging. The shades included are Magic Wand, Mess Around, Stud, TooLips and Dopey.

Colourpop haul


Last but by no means least, I picked up one of the highlighters in the shade Lunch Money. This lovely gold toned highlighter has been on my face literally every day since it arrived. I’m obsessed with the finish of this. I’ll definitely be investing in more Colourpop highlighters in the future!

The Verdict?

Colourpop have impressed me again. My only complaint is getting hit by a customs charge for both orders. Next time I’m going to try one of the mail services to try and avoid this. The packaging of the products is attractive, and the box itself was very well done to avoid damage in transit. The one thing I would absolutely love to see from Colourpop is eyeshadow palettes. The eyeshadows are fantastic and it would be great to have them all in one piece of packaging!

Have you tried Colourpop products?


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