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    Photo Diary: A Winter Week in Wales


    This year, aged 24 and a half I spent my very first Christmas away from home. 

    I know that many people have spent Christmas in various different places, split between different branches of family. For some it may be the norm, for many nothing out of the ordinary. Myself, well I’ve never had a Christmas morning without my parents and my sister, so it was pretty weird.

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    Photo Diary: Four Days In Paris

    If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen a million and one photos from my trip to Paris at the start of August. Ali and I went for four days for our anniversary, and for both of us it was our first time visiting the capital of France. It was only when I posted a picture on Instagram this weekend of the Eiffel Tower that I realised it’s been two months since our trip and I still hadn’t got my butt into gear and shared the trip on here. So without further ado here’s my Paris photo diary…

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    A Weekend In Scarborough

    Prepare yourself for a photo heavy post! At the start of May the boyfriend and I set off on a sunny drive up the A1 to Scarborough to stay at Ox Pasture Hall, a beautiful country hotel in Yorkshire. We’d settled on May with the hope that the weather would have improved, though I was worrying that maybe it wouldn’t as we moved through April and all that unseasonal snow! However, we totally lucked out and there was something of a heat wave the weekend we went to the seaside – couldn’t have planned it better!

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    KNEL Walks: Lyme Park

    One of the things Ali and I like to do fairly often when we see each other is to get out for walks in the countryside and whatnot. Since he began working full time and has had access to a car this has opened up the possibilities of where we can go which is fantastic! We went up to Castleton in the Peak District back in October, somewhere I love and want to go back to soon. We spent Ali’s birthday (NYE!) wandering around Newstead Abbey and we have tried to go to Fountains Abbey – we drove all the way there only to find it had closed about ten minutes before we arrived due to the high wind speed!

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    Weekend Retreat at Lea Hall, Derbyshire

    At the start of December I was lucky enough to be able to go away for an early Christmas weekend in a country manor in Derbyshire. Lea Hall became the home to a bunch of us for a booze, present and fun filled weekend! For me, it was a lovely break from work, in the middle of a week off spent with the boyfriend and getting to know his family (eep!) The group that were going away were his brothers old course mates and friends, and there was a spare room going to we joined the fun!

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