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    Taking Time Out And Putting Yourself First

    Hey, hello, hi. How are you? It’s been rather quiet here this month, hasn’t it? I’m sorry, I’m not going to apologise for taking time out because I’ve very much needed it. Grab yourself a cup of tea, I’m going to have a ramble.

    I’m quite a selfish person, but if there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s putting myself first. Somewhat of a paradox, yes but stick with me. Read more…

    I Still Love Instagram But…


    Lots of people sharing the things that make them less than happy about Instagram at the moment talk about how they’ve fallen out of love with the platform. For me personally, I get infuriated with it, but it’s still the app I spend the most time on. Whilst Twitter is my most used app, I’m much more likely to be found scrolling Instagram because I am an incredibly visual person, which is what made me fall in love with Instagram in the first place – though my images are much better now than the early filter-to-death ones!

    So why do I still love Instagram?

    Read more…

    Varekai – Cirque du Soleil at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

    Cirque du Soleil Varekai

    I have wanted to see Cirque du Soleil live for as long as I can remember. Performance where body not only becomes art but stretches (quite literally) beyond the realm of possibility. Cirque du Soleil has turned circus acts into a fully integrated live art show for years on end. It’s a testament to the performers that from the humble beginnings of 20 street performers in Quebec in the 80s, a huge company has grown with over 4,000 employees.  Read more…

    Things for Rainy Days

    Rainy Paris

    I love the rain. I love the smell after it rains. The sound of heavy rain on the roof at night is really satisfying. I think the rain can create some amazing scenes in the sky. I mean, look at the sky in that picture! (This was the only photo I had of a rainy day, but hey, go see all about my trip to Paris!)

    But being out IN the rain? I absolutely HATE it!

    Read more…