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    Pesto Pinwheel Pull-Apart Bread Recipe

    I love baking. But I also hate it. It’s so much harder than you think to get something to not only taste great, but look great too. Give me a roast dinner or a hearty meal and I can make it look fantastic, but most of the time whenever I bake it always looks like someone sat on whatever I made! When we were all taking something in for a team lunch at work, I decided I’d made a fancy bread. Logically, ignoring the fact I’d never made bread in my life… Read more…

    Just Bee Spring Water

    Just Bee Drinks

    I’ve always been pretty terrible at drinking enough water, so I’m always looking for ways to help increase my water intake. I struggle with the blandness of water so often turn to juices and cordials to up my hydration. Of course this brings a lot of sugar into my diet which I could really do with cutting out! When I heard about Just Bee‘s low calorie flavoured water I had to give it a go. Read more…

    Virtue Ice Tea: Strawberry and Peach

    Time for something a little bit different. Ice tea is something I’ll confess I’ve never had all that much love for. I just haven’t had one I’ve liked in the past. So when I saw Virtue Ice Tea on offer at The City Girls event in Leeds I was a little dubious. Having never tried a flavoured ice tea I picked up the Strawberry and Peach flavour. There was also the option of Lemon flavour, which I imagine would be fairly similar in taste to traditional lemonade.

    Read more…