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    An Introduction To Hot Pod Yoga

    hot pod yoga Nottingham

    I got to try a new form of exercise last week – hot pod yoga.

    One thing you may not know about me is that I really enjoy yoga. It’s played a big part in my health and fitness journey over the past two or so years. I recently spoke about how my gran may or may not have been right about taking the time to meditate more often for the sake of my mental health. My way of making sure I actually achieve that is by practising a little bit of yoga. Even if it’s only five minutes, it means I clear my head and focus on my breathing and energy. It ultimately lets me get rid of a little bit of stress. Read more…

    Project Back In Shape

    Today I’m talking body image and getting back in shape. I saw the picture below on the right on the same day the one on the left came up on my Timehop and I realised that I wasn’t happy in my size as my confidence may portray. Long hours and a stress ridden job had the opposite effect on my body than I thought it would – I thought I’d lose weight if I was stressed, not pile it on.

    Read more…