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    Shadow Switch – The Dry Brush Cleaner You Need

    Shadow Switch dry brush cleaner

    We’re all looking for things that make our lives a little easier aren’t we? I personally don’t have a huge collection of make up brushes, so cleaning them is a chore I have to do very frequently. As therapeutic as getting them clean can be, it really is a chore.

    Enter the Shadow Switch* from Beauty Essentials. A dry brush cleaner that helps clean brushes quickly and easily between washes.  Read more…

    Double Colourpop Haul

    Colourpop haul

    As I mentioned in my last Colourpop post, I’ve been obsessed with their products ever since they first appeared on Instagram. After managing to get my hands on a Lippie Stix, and loving it I was (like many others) frustrated that the company didn’t offer international shipping. Fast forward a few months and Colourpop have offered international shipping for a while, and I’ve taken advantage of more than one offer for international shipping – here’s what I got! Read more…

    Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

    zoeva cocoa blend palette

    Zoeva are so well known within the blogging sphere for those incredibly Instagram worthy rose gold brushes. Whilst my willpower is still intact where purchasing that set, I finally gave in and bought one of their eyeshadow palettes. The Cocoa Blend palette was the one that arguably the most hyped, and rightly so as I’ve been loving it. Read more…