Be At One Leeds

In the light of it’s official launch this week, I want to introduce you to a little place on the corner of Millennium Square in Leeds. Be At One is a brilliant addition to the Leeds bar scene – and I certainly made the most of going whilst I was still living there!

There are twenty-odd Be At One sites, but most of them are in London. Leeds is one of the first exports from the capital and I hope we can see them popping up all over the place soon! The staff are all amazingly chatty and friendly. On chatting with the staff in the Leeds site I found out that the training they undergo is quite intense over a few weeks in London, so they really know their stuff!

One thing I really liked about Be At One was the cocktail menu itself – it’s more like a book! Pages full of best sellers, shots, wines and more. The thing I really liked about it though? The cocktails were arranged throughout the menu by their base spirit, which made it much easier to navigate and make a choice. For example I’m always a sucker for gin, so I knew that anything on the gin page would be right up my street! There’s everything you can dream of on the menu, including ice cream cocktails – try the Irish Disco Biscuit, it’s like mint chocolate with Oreos!

There’s a lot of other good points about this chain of bars – happy hour is always one of them! They do also have their own app, with which you can extend your happy hour by a further hour when activated by a staff member – handy eh?

I can’t recommend Be At One Leeds enough, you can find it on the corner of the Electric Press on Millennium Square. Get on down and give it a go – sometimes the staff even join in with your selfies!
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