Another life update…

‘Ello! It’s been quiet round here I know, but for once I’m not going to apologise because (hopefully) you can see why. I’ve spent a lot of evenings over the last month giving this lil bit of the internet a complete overhaul! Like many others, I was getting completely sick of Blogger. Every time I logged in I couldn’t get to certain aspects and in the end I decided to migrate over to WordPress. So now I’ve gone self-hosted here’s a life update!

Moving across obviously meant a new design, and I’ve got this beautiful new one from MaiLoveParis on Etsy – if you’re after a design definitely have a look! It has taken me a lot longer than I thought as I’ve gone through and edited every single old post. I’ve had to change all the hyperlink colours and re-upload images and all that jazz. There’s still lots to be done in the background but I’m finally very happy with how things are looking. It’s the first time in a while I’ve felt that let me tell you!

So what else have I been up to?

To be honest in the last month not very much at all – not much of a life update huh? I had an ear infection that wiped me out for a couple of weeks, and then I’ve been busy with work, and working on my fitness! I’m seeing a PT twice a week, and as Ali is seeing the same one we’re at the gym four times a week currently. We’re also on a diet plan so we’re batch cooking everything each weekend and crying about the lack of cheese. But it’s working, I’m noticing the difference in myself.

The number on the scales isn’t going down very quickly, but as I’m doing lots of weights I wouldn’t expect it to. We all need to remember muscle weighs more than fat! The number on the scale has never meant that much to me compared to how I feel when I look in the mirror. Only this week I put on a pair of trousers that were once almost bursting at the seams on my thighs, and now they’re baggy. The regime is hard, and some days I can barely walk, but it’s worth it for the better relationship I have with my body now.

In the last week I’ve been to the Bloggers Blog Awards in Leeds and I’ve chopped off my hair! No life update would be complete without a haircut. I know for many shoulder length hair is still quite long, but my hair was waist length. I had it cut a couple of months ago and had 8 inches off. This second haircut I had about the same off again and my hair doesn’t grow particularly quickly. So it’s quite a drastic change for me, but I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a refreshing change and it now doesn’t take 218375298015 hours to dry even with a hairdryer. Short hair is the way forward!

Anyway, you’ve obviously been keeping up with me on Instagram so enough rambling. I’m back, and normal business will resume this week!

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