An Ode to Summer & Foreword to Autumn…

I had originally written a ‘Reasons I’m Excited For Autumn’ post for today. I wrote and scheduled it months ago because I really do love autumn. But I’ve seen so so so many of the same posts, and so I’ve decided to reflect on my summer and look forward to autumn in relation to my life, rather than the list I’ve seen so frequently recently!

Summer 2015 has been a big turning point in my life and I wanted to reflect on that fact today. At the end of June I moved away from Leeds – the city I had spent the last 5 years in, and the city in which I had built my own life post-university. I moved back in with my parents in Manchester, with no job on the horizon.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this felt like a massive step backwards at the time. Some days it still
does. But I’m looking back and it’s been the most wonderful summer despite some struggles. I may still not have broken into the graduate employment shark tank, but I have finally made inroads into the career I want to build. I’m incredibly thankful to the wonderful people I have been working with on my work experience for taking a chance on me.

I may be struggling in some ways without much of an income, but I’ve still managed to see my closest friends despite not living round the corner anymore. I’ve still managed to see my other half who lives in another city altogether. I’ve been on the most incredible holiday of my life and have tried countless new things. I have realised I’ve got the most wonderful and supporting group of people around me, and I’m thankful for that everyday!

So thank you Summer 2015, you’ve been wonderful. Autumn 2015 has got something big to live up to but this is what I’m looking forward to now the seasons have turned:

1. Progressing further with my work experience, and hopefully land a job in the industry.

2. Catching up with the girls I left behind in Leeds. We’re planning a weekend away if we can and I’m really excited for it!

3. Crisp autumn walks when the other half comes to visit – he’ll hopefully be with vehicle this time so we can go into the country.

4. Bonfire night – because I have to mention my favourite night of the entire year!

5. The other half is starting a new job in about a month, so I’m really excited for him and can’t wait to hear all about it.

6. Planning ahead to Christmas!

What are you looking forward to this autumn?
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