About KNEL


Welcome to!

I’m Katie, a Nottingham-based B2B PR Executive by day and a blogger by night.

KNEL was born in October 2014 as a place where I can expand my love of writing. I studied a literary degree, and when I finished I missed the process of writing. Throughout my degree I had wanted to write about things that weren’t related to my studies. So when I graduated, naturally I started a blog. I mean Classical Civilisation was interesting – but it’s different when your writing isn’t being handed in for a grade!

Since those early days of being obsessed with makeup, I’ve evolved my content to reflect my everyday life much more. Whilst I still own far too many lipsticks, my world revolves less around beauty products and more about the things close to home.

So grab yourself a cuppa, or join me with a G&T (my tipple of choice) for my latest musing on life, love and the universe, with lots of food thrown in for good measure.

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