5 Things I’ve Been Binge Watching

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This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Panasonic.

Impatience isn’t always seen as a fantastic character trait, but it explains my binge watching habits perfectly. I simply can’t wait until the next week to find out what happens next in a TV show, and when I have to I find it bloomin’ hard. Where I can I tend to go for series I can completely rinse via my BFF Netflix, or I wait until I can watch the whole lot in one go. 

I definitely don’t watch as much TV in the summer, but the dark nights have rolled in it’s officially the time of the year I take up residence under a blanket in front of what I wish was the Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic*. Here’s 5 things I’ve been binge watching recently that have caused a big dent to appear in my sofa.


What’s it about? Would this be a TV post in late 2017 without mentioning Stranger Things 2? If you don’t know what it is you must have been living under a rock! Following the disappearance of Will in 1983 and the struggle to save him in season 1, we re-join the gang in 1984 where supernatural powers are still at play in 9 hours binge watching heaven.

Why should you watch it? Purely because it’s one of the best things on Netflix at the moment. It’s got great writing and the cast are fantastic. Mixing in relatable human story lines with the supernatural overtone works incredibly well, and when blended with the feel of 80s nostalgia it really hits the mark. Plus it has gifted us with a small clip of David Harbour shuffle dancing and this brilliant parody Twitter account.


What’s it about? Simply put it’s a play on the crime documentary genre which has proved so successful in the wake of programmes like Making a Murderer. In this Netflix Original we follow the aftermath of a crime – 27 school staff’s vehicles being vandalised with male anatomy. Student film makers set out to prove that the student expelled for the crime may well be innocent. The seriousness of the production of this show makes watching it pure hilarity.

Why should you watch it? In all honesty we didn’t know what it was when we saw it, but we couldn’t help binge watching to find out whodunnit.


What’s it about? This is one of Ali’s picks but I’ve watched it with him. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know. It’s an animated series which follows the inter dimensional adventures of mad scientist Rick and his meek grandson Morty. Episodes where the main protagonist turns himself into a pickle, or where dogs end up ruling the world? Rick & Morty got you covered.

Why should you watch it? When I first watched an episode with Ali I totally didn’t get it. By the end I loved it. Embrace the madness and give it a go. Most episodes are utter utter madness (such as the aforementioned pickle episode) but some do explore more ‘human’ issues such as how children cope with the divorce of parents.


What’s it about? It’s an Australian baking competition. If you like GBBO, Masterchef and the like, you’ll probably love this. As is the norm with these programmes, the contestants are set a challenge each episode and you follow their trials and tribulations. The two at the bottom each week are presented with a complex bake and they go head to head – whoever does a better job gets to stay.

Why should you watch it? If like me you have a Great British Bake Off shaped hole in your life, give this Netflix offering a go. It’s over the top but I’m already emotionally invested and have my favourite contestants.


What is it about? As this is a one episode a week series this is less of a binge watching job, but round off your weekend with the soothing sound of David Attenborough narrating his latest series. This time we’re going back beneath the waves and learning more about the world below. As David tells us, we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the ocean floors of our own planet!

Why should you watch it? It’s David Attenborough for crying out loud. The man’s a national treasure!


This post was a sponsored post written in collaboration with Panasonic. All words, images, opinions and TV-induced square eyes are my own. Please see my disclaimer for full details.
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